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MSCP Surf instructor course en Punta Hermosa-  Years 2018 ,2019.


 There are several different elements to becoming a surf instructor. Firstly of course you need to be a good enough surfer. The basic requirements are to be able to ride left and right on unbroken waves in 1 – 1.5m waves with control. Next up you have to sign up for both a surf coaching course and a lifesavingcourse.This course only  specializes in  surf instructor (not lifesavingcourse)

Surf instructors course in Punta Hermosa-Method My Surf Camp Peru for children and adults .

Years 2018, 2019.


Surf teacher: Victor Kufat - Former director of the Municipal Surf School of Punta Hermosa in the last 13 years has developed a series of unique teaching methods to help children and adults to learn this sport. The experience collected directing 73 children per day in the Municipal School of Punta Hermosa and all the information donated by psychologists, physiotherapists, nutritionists, yoga, colleagues, teachers and 10 years practiced Martial Arts have resulted in a better solution to the student learning. Also 10 years of teaching surf instrutores and surfers in its own surf camp.

All the information it had been learned and applied over the years on his students (children and adults). After seeing the improvements and results in their surf  development . we bring a list of children from Punta Hermosa to know surfing in a healthy, safe and fun way.


Now My Surf Camp Peru offer courses for people who want to be surf instructors in the summers 2016,2017,2018, 2019 Itinerary:

The courses for surf instructors will be dictated during the summer season (December, January, February, March)

AGENDA Level 1 Course :

  • overview Safety in surfing (practice in real life)

  • Use of equipment properly (practice in real life)

  • How to make group surf trips to different beaches (practice in real life)

  • Recognition of different breaks (practice in real life)

  • Recognition of different funds (practice in real life)

  • Beach recognition (practice in real life)

  • Class method for children (practice in real life)

  • Class method for adults (practice in real life)

  • Basic yoga (practice in real life)

  • Physical education (practice in real life)

  • Meditation (practice in real life)

AGENDA Surf Instructor Level 2 cost $200 Dolares 

  •  Surfing Training - a holistic approach Understanding of the Judging Criteria Principles of Formation Fitness elements Development. And Maturation Surf injuries Lifestyle and nutrition Sports psychology Balance of the Force Basic movements in Surf The movement patterns of basic movements Common mistakes Surf skills

  • Analytical skills for Surf Coaches

  • Simulation training

  • Video Coaching


We travel on an interactive tour to different beaches from Punta Herrmosa, San Bartolo, Puerto Viejo, Cerro Azul, etc.

The courses consist in life working at the flied from the first day with our surf school (My Surf Camp Peru )

We offers surf private classes, Group surf lessons, surf lessons for beginner, intermediate and advanced level.

Stand up paddle classes.

Surf camp in Punta Hermosa (Summer 2018,2019)

We will train children and young people from 6 years old upwards.

The training would be  the surf camp method created by ourselves 15 years ago.

Surf camp -  We offer group classes of 5 hours and camps on at the beach. Here the children learn all about surfing and companionship. We reinforce ethical values ​​and do enfacis in ecology with a variety of exercises, and stories that make the child have fun and learn sports by increasing their human values.

  • Start date 01 December, January, February, March. Years 2016, 2017,2018,2019: Monday to Friday.

  • 12 days Duration 7 hours from 8:00 am. to 3:00 pm. Cost $200 Course only one day not certified $40 Dollars

  • Itinerary:

  • Pick up at Punta Hermosa (hour 8:00 a.m. 8:30 a.m.)

  • Exploration of suitable beaches to give surf training

  • Warm up with exercises (physical education for children) 8:30 a.m.

  • Stretching (Yoga) for children 8:40 am

  • Surf from 9:00 am to 11:30 any of the surf modalities (Body board, Surf and Stand up Paddle)

  • Beaches where we will make our CAMP:

  • Punta Hermosa (Black Beach, San Bartolo, Punta Hermosa, Puerto Viejo, Cerro Azul and some special secret spots for them)

  • Return home 12:00 pm

  • Surf trips to Cerro Azul and Puerto Viejo beach, coordinating with the teacher and depending on the number of students

What is includes:

  • Certified by MSCP Master instructor 20 years experience .

  • Pick up and drop off at Punta Hermosa every day 

  • Equipment for surfing activities or teaching Advices 

  • Photos  analize

  • videos analize

  • photo and video course it is only for surf instructor level 2 Recreational games for children where they will be stimulated.

  • We will teach  you how to control kids and adult.

  • How  to  teach to use the  surf instruments.

  • Will teach you how to do a group work

  • You will learn how to become  a lider.

Does not include:

  • Personal accessories for the beach, the sea or the sun,

  • Foods ,Drinks

  • Wetsuit

Want a surf instructor course with all include:

  •  Airport pick up  and drop off

  • 3 meals a day

  • private room with private bath

  • internet wifii

  • water bottle

  • All transfers to local waves for the life course in a radio of 70 kilometers 

  • $550 per week.




The natural spaces increase our potential for health and good character, says a team of scientists from the Landscape and Health Laboratory at the University of Illinois, in the United States, in a statement issued by said university. The benefits of sport for children. - Introduces the child to society, teaches him to follow rules, helps him to open up to others and overcome shyness. He restrains his excessive impulses, he will foster in the child the need to collaborate over individualism, it will make him recognize, accept and respect that there is someone who knows more than him. It produces a general increase in coordinated movement. Increase your motor possibilities. It promotes the growth of your bones and muscles. It can correct possible physical defects. Power the creation and regularization of habits. Develop your pleasure by movement and exercise. Stimulates hygiene and health. It teaches you to have certain responsibilities.


Registration is open from December 1st, we will start the summer camp 2016

Phone: 99 408 8564 Address: Punta Hermosa

Address La PLanicie Punta HErmosa  MZ R Lot 24


  • 15 years experience surfing all over Peru

  • 10 years giving private lessons

  • 5 years teaching surf camps

  • 2 years teaching group classes for 75 people per day for the Municipality of Punta Hermosa

  • 1 year training surf instructors

  • Certified by the Peruvian surf federation

  • Certified by the International Surfing Association

  • Certified by the Navy of Peru

  • Certificate in First Aid and Rescue 

  • Specific equipment to give surf lessons like the soft boards that serve to protect the apprentices from blows and accidents.

  • The surf school is dedicated to the teaching of surfing in children, youth and adults.

Learn to be a surf instructor or a surf master with confidence and security.





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